Why Freelancing Should Cost More

Over the past two months I have been working in a full time work environment, 40 hours a week. But before I transitioned  I was freelancing website design when I could during college.  As is true with Murphy’s law, the times I become busy with work and other projects, clients all of the sudden had more work for me. I couldn’t complain but I also couldn’t keep up at first. So I’ve come to realize that freelance work should cost more due to several factors, at least these apply to me.

  1. Freelance work is above and beyond a corporate job.
    Not everyone that works in the freelance industry can afford to be a full time freelancer. Thus, if you are freelancing you are taking on extra jobs which take time and effort away from other areas. You have a trade-off, how much is your time in the evenings, weekend worth to you? If you are being paid $XX per hour in your corporate job, shouldn’t you be paid at least $XX + 1/2  (overtime pay). You’ve already put in a full work day (for a different employer, though), so your extra time should come at an extra cost.
  2. Your education and experience is worth something.
    When you decide what to charge on any freelance project, don’t be too low in your rates. I have been learning. practicing and expanding my knowledge of websites/programming/design work for over 5 years and I can’t let that time and effort go unnoticed. Your rates should reflect the time you’ve spent learning and experiences you’ve had in your field.
  3. “I know someone that can get it done for half the price.” “That seems high.”
    If the price is too high, the client won’t want to work with you. If the price is too low, they might not respect you or understand your true worth. How much is it worth for you to add more stress and work to your evenings, after an 8+ hour day at work?

This post is simple, freelancing should cost more because it is above and beyond the normal realm of work. How much are your extra hours on weekends and evenings worth to you? Are they worth the same amount as you have been paid at your corporate job or should they be worth more?


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