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This is a shameless plug. I started a twitter account recently, @JulianoWebpages, for the sole purpose of providing useful business, freelance and design tips and tricks. If you’re on twitter, come follow me.


2 Responses to Follow Me on Twitter

  1. I always tend to mull over things a little bit harder about all sorts of stuff right after I browse over someone new’s web site and their particular opinions. I’m really grateful for the invention of the blog in addition to how it has changed the internet into a substantial variety of shared views. I ended up on here after researching some of my work stuff on Bing and somehow stumbled on your blog. It is always good times browsing through and I do hope you keep things up. Thanks again!

    • Bret says:

      Thanks for the comment. I completely agree with the blog and how it changed the internet. I think the best part is how loud someone can reach by having good content and publicity, then again there are a lot of people out there simply spamming or starting online wars, the other side of the blogging coin.

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