5 Elements That KILL Your Site’s Credibility

  1. Not utilizing white-space.

    White space is a crucial element in both print and online graphics. A poorly laid out website will hurt you more than it can help you. White space in the past has often been overlooked. With the current web trends, utilizing your white-space is essential to come across as professional and it will also show that you have worked with a designer that knows their stuff. Look at the image below and tell me if you would trust this website simply based on the design alone.

  2. Using tables over divisions and style sheets.

    Table based layouts in websites are outdated. Tables in websites are perfectly acceptable as long as they are not used to define the structure, layout or positioning of the website. Tables should be used for their intended creation, for representing tabular data, that is it. Division tags and style sheets are the standards when it comes to the positioning, sizing and layout of web sites. If you’re still using a table-based design it’s time to consider having your website redesigned.

  3. Out-dated fonts, colors, and graphics.

    There is a time when all good websites need to be updated or just completely overhauled. The prevalent designs seen throughout the 90’s and anything that resembles MySpace pages should not be used in a website that plans to take itself seriously. Websites need to stay current by knowing what the standards are in the industry (the designer at least should know them). Some of the current standards are clean designs, current pictures (unless your focus is outdated/old images), strong typography and better content writing.

  4. Clip-art in your logo.

    This is another step back into the 90’s, b ut the practice still happens today. If your logo is composed of clip-art that can be found through Microsoft’s clip-art g allery it will reflect poorly on your company as a whole. Having simply your company’s name in regular text is better than clip-art in your logo. The only thing worse that I can think of in this situation would be to have your clip-art logo missing and not having your logo on your website. Your logo is the face of your company/brand. It is not just for the online world, so it is important that your digital presence accurately portrays the face of your company.

  5. Visual over-stimulation.

    I don’t know if the website  is a joke or not, I think it’s was, but it could also just be really old, but having an old website is no excuse for poor visual design; even back in the 90’s there were web standards. A good website should be organized and have certain visual elements that stand out in order to guide the user to the best sources of information. That is why there are different sizes and colors for headings, paragraphs, and everything else. If there are too many visually appealing elements on your site then it is time to rethink your strategy. Too many distractions will cause your reader to lose hope of finding the information they want and will proceed to leave your site very quickly.


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