3 Simple Keys for Logo Design

  1. Be timeless.
    Take a look at the differences between Coke’s logo and Pepsi logos over the years, see full image here.Pepsi and Coke Logos

    The biggest thing to note is that Coke really hasn’t changed their logos too much from the original design. Pepsi, on the other hand, seems to revamp their entire image every 10 years or so. Coke branded their design with a classic elegance, seen in the consistent design. Yes, Coke’s logo has changed through the years, but most of the changes kept the features from the original design. The only thing that really changes with Coke’s logo designs are the background elements, or making the scripting cleaner. Pepsi’s logo as of 2008 is very different than it’s 1950 logo. And the previous statement can be just as much applied with the derivation of the 1950’s Pepsi logo from the first logo of 1898. Coca-Cola has a classic, elegant feel to it. It started with that feeling and maintained it throughout the years. Pepsi started out with a rougher logo design and when the design didn’t suit the current trends, they would revamp their logo as necessary, and as frequently as every few years if needed.

  2. Have it consistent with your profession.
    One of the biggest mistakes a company can make with their logo design is not having it fit their company. If your logo is the face of your company (both online and off-line) imagine how crucial it is to have it consistent with your profession. If your logo (and website) are not fitting to your profession, it can drastically challenge your credibility. For example, a graphic design company is going to have a logo that shows off their knowledge of design and their website should do the same. On the other hand, a forensic investigator is not going to have the same graphic elements in their logo (or website) than the graphic designer has. This should be logical enough. If a graphic artist has a plain, clip-art looking design for their logo would you trust them with matching your company to a new logo? Or would you more likely go with a graphic designer whose own logo is consistent with design standards and fits their profession?
  3. Make it appropriate to your target audience.
    This point is closely related to the above point, but vital enough to merit it’s own section. One of the biggest things to know about marketing is knowing who your target audience is. This can be as broad as an age category, like we are targeting college students, or it can be as detailed as targeting 20-22 year old, Caucasian males who spend 10+ hours a week playing Modern Warfare. Whatever your demographics and whoever your target audience is, make sure that your logo (and website) design is consistent with appealing to them.

3 Responses to 3 Simple Keys for Logo Design

  1. Very cool. Stuff that seems like common sense once read, but until then I wouldn’t have thought about.

  2. PrestonDLee says:

    I think suggestion number 2 is one of the most common mistakes I see when I am talking with a client. They say things like “I want a logo like ‘so-and-so’. The key is to convince them that points 2 and 3 from your article go hand in hand. You have to match your target audience and your profession in order for the logo to make sense.

    Now the question is, how? 🙂

    Nice post. Keep up the good work and good luck in everything.

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