When Creatives Fail

Sometimes people fail, actually in the larger sense, people in general tend to fail most of the time. Whether it be on a large scale or in the small things that happen daily, things tend to not always go as plan and thus we fail in these simple routines. Now this post isn’t about getting down on anyone, but more just bringing up the fact again that we are all humans and we tend to fail a lot, myself included.

For the most part, creative jobs are based on a little bit of actual information and a lot on heavy speculation and first impressions. Creative jobs take on the task of gathering up a little knowledge and attempting to transform that knowledge into something visually appealing that both lines up with the company or product itself and also connects with the user/consumer. And when that doesn’t happen it can be devastating. Not just to the client or the customer, but also to the designer. Creatives tend to pour out more of themselves into their work (in a different sense) than the rest of the workforce. And by this other sense I mean that when creatives create they tend to put part of themselves into everything they do; yes they are trying to match up and perfect a graphical representation for their clients, but more than just making a great depiction for the outside consumer, the designers end up putting themselves into the design and sometimes they just get it wrong.

With work done primarily on gut instinct and a bit of information, don’t be surprised if it’s hit and miss. Even the best designers or the highest priced website developers will get it wrong sometimes. No one is exempt from it. So the next time that you’re working with a creative and the designs don’t come out as well as you’d like, just remember that you’re working with another human being that makes mistakes. It is not the end of the world. It can be fixed and the design can be redone, modified or you can go and use another designer down the road. Sometimes projects just fail. At least with design work, nobody’s going to end up dead if the design fails.

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