Meet the Family of the Dust Bunny Mafia

October 11, 2010

Frankie, Vinnie, Jimmy, Leo, Vic, and Benny


Meet the Family of the D.B.M. Here.


Dust Bunny Mafia

September 24, 2010

So recently I’ve been working on a new project called Dust Bunny Mafia (Shameless self promotion to follow).

It won’t be officially launching until December 10, 2010 but I figured I’d try and direct you to it before then anyways. The best way to keep up to date on what’s going on with The Dust Bunny Mafia is by Liking it on facebook, click here for that. The other great way to stay in touch is Following on Twitter, @DustBunnyMafia. I will be adding new images, offers, and overall previews of the site weekly on the Facebook fan page; that’s your best bet to find out more about the Dust Bunny Mafia. I’d recommend checking there first for the latest updates.

So here’s a preview of something I’ve been working on. This is part of the earliest sketch of the character “Frankie”

Dust Bunny Mafia: Frankie Early Sketch

That’s all for now, for more information check out Dust Bunny and the links on Facebook and Twitter.